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  • The ultimate in sexual pleasure for men

    We guarantee the spider will give you MIND BLOWING orgasms or your money back, this is a high quality product that is easy to clean and will last.

  • Realistic

    What is the most realistic experience a man can have with a sex toy? What toy is so realistic that
    some say it feels just as good, if not better than the real thing?
    Introducing...the Spider Masturbator!

  • Non-toxic material

    Spider is safe for all people as non-toxic and eco-friendly materials are used

  • Realistic internal structure

    It's better than your old Fleshlight, and feels ultra realistic; exactly like an actual vagina.

New Revolution in Masturbation!

Spider is a realistic male masturbator with the insert of a vagina. Thanks to the vacuum-locking suction cup on the base of the toy, it can be attached to any smooth, hard surface for intense hands-free stimulation. By adjusting the angle using the twisting locking mechanism, the product can even be tilt (120 degrees), providing you sex positions you have ever experienced with any other masturbator before!

Watch our video below to learn more


Materials Polypropylene (Random Copolymer), Elastomer
Size: 282 (L) x 89 (W) x 89 (H) mm
Weight: 736 g
Color: - Outer cover: Intense Black or Extreme White- Elastomer: Pink
Style: - Spider Realism: natural and basic stimulation structure with helical shape
Features - The realization of exciting positions
- Ride & Attached system
- Non-toxic material
- Ergonomic internal structure
Components 1. Elastomer
2. Case and suction plate
Color play Intense Black or Extreme White
Excellent Performance
- The realization of exciting positions
Unlike existing limited routines, Spider has a free range of activities and variety of positions that could be implemented
- Ride & Attached system
Wherever placed on a flat spot, it is removable (Ride & Attached) and leads to hands free stimulation
- Non-toxic material
Spider is safe for all people as non-toxic and eco-friendly materials are used.
- Ergonomic internal structure
The ergonomic interal structure is maximizing your pleasant feelings, and gives an illusion of a variety of excitements.

Method of use

  • 1. Open the case by separating the top and bottom
  • 2. Attach Spider to wherever you want to use it
  • 3. Adjust the desired angle
  • 4. Put some lubricant inside the hole of the inner part


Before using the inner part, put it in hot water until it gets warm. This will give you more reality.

Cleaning and storage instruction

  • 1. After use, wash the inner part well under running water.
  • 2. Drain and dry well by using a towel and dryer, then store it in the case.

Spider is shipped worldwide:


Spider guarantees your whole reality of enjoying positions!

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Our Customer Testimonials

  • Remarkably, in the shower the other week and playing with the soap... as you do... I was wondering if some bright spark would combine the Fleshlight principle with something you could use hands free and in the shower.

    And here you have it! A bit of spit or water on the suction, adjust to height on the wall, press and lock. And it doesn't move. In fact I was more worried about the tile coming off!

    I've not tried it anywhere else but the shower is great and you've not got to go far for cleaning it afterwards. Water-based lube is fine as you're not going to get the insides wet until cleaning time.

    At the fixing end there are small holes to allow for escaping air or, of course, if you grip right you can vary the suction to have you singing in the shower ;)

    I believe you can use Fleshlight inserts as well, which extends its usefulness.

    Tim. New York US
  • The pussy design on the Spider is much more realistic than others, full of bumps and ridges, as you would expect to find on a real lady. It’s a little weird I know, but when the Spider first arrived, I smelt the insert – as Fleshlight inserts smell like weird flour or something which is quite a turn off – but this one smelt quite nice. I still washed it thoroughly before use though. Orgasms with this thing are intense!!

    Jas. New York US
  • Hi, i ordered the black spider a few months ago, just emailing in to tell you how much i love this sex toy, i’ve bought a few other toys over the past year and this is by far the BEST, i use it in the shower and it gives me the most amazing orgasms ever, it is so life like and extremely easy to keep clean.

    John S. New York US

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